Mobipunkt Increased Their Sales
by 194% in Four Months

Read on how we went up against big-name competitors in the market and manage Mobipunkt’s Google Ads campaigns profitably.

Mobipunkt eCommerce Store

Mobipunkt offers the largest selection of new and pre-owned Apple products. Their mission is to make Apple devices available and affordable for every person. Mobipunkt also repairs broken Apple devices and sells additional accessories.

Mobipunkt came to Holini seeking help in managing their Google Ads campaigns profitably. This was no easy task. They face tense competition in the market and they also sell pre-owned Apple devices, which means that they are not an official reseller and cannot use trademarked brand names in their ad texts. Until this point, they had been managing their Google Ads campaigns in-house.

Growth in transactions via Google Ads
Decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Our Approach

  1. We conducted an audit of the client’s previous Google Ads campaigns and a Google Analytics account health check. This helped us to notice significant, untapped opportunities.
  2. We crafted a unique plan to make Google Ads profitable and generate new sales.
  3. We started with new keyword research to expand their campaigns with long tail keywords, and built out a new account structure. We improved the message match between the keywords and ad copy.
  4. We run tests using Google’s best-in-class automated bidding and run experiments to find out the best performing ad copy.

Performance Results

Going up against big-name competitors in the market, we had to be cost-effective. In the end, the Google Ads results spoke for themselves. In four months we saw:

  • 194% growth in transactions via Google Ads
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased 67%
Sanders Skorik - Mobipunkt

“Advertising with Google Ads is one of our most important marketing activities. Working together with such a motivated agency like Holini allows us to focus on our other important business tasks and we let them proactively grow our business with Google Ads.

Their knowledge about Google Ads and analytics is extraordinary.

Sanders Skorik

CEO at Mobipunkt

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