Google Ads Management For B2B Tech Companies

Work with a team of senior Google Ads specialists to significantly scale your campaigns and increase revenue.

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Challenges you might be facing

Most companies who get in touch with us share these challenges:

  • Google Ads results have decreased or stayed at the same performance level for a while and ROI is not satisfying.
  • The account has grown significantly, then plateaued and the existing partner or in-house team needs some fresh ideas and continuous support to take it to the next level.
  • The communication style and/or proactiveness from an existing partner doesn’t match expectations.

These are exactly the challenges our team solves on a daily basis.

Google Ads and PPC Marketing - Holini PPC Agency

You’ll be working with a team of senior Google Ads specialists.

Why Holini?


Senior Specialists Only

No interns, no juniors. You’ll work with a team of senior-level specialists who are highly specialized in their field.


Proactive Team

We’ll get to know your business inside-out and constantly come up with new hypotheses and strategies to increase your ROI.


Global Experience

You’ll work with senior specialists who manage Google Ads accounts globally with monthly budgets from $20,000 to $200,000.


Tech-Savvy Team

All your tracking issues will be monitored and fixed by our dedicated developer. We’ll also write custom scripts for your Google Ads and GTM accounts.


Selected Clients Only

We aren’t running a factory. To provide maximum value for you, we only work with carefully selected B2B tech companies.


Fair Pricing

You won’t be charged for every move, we’ll agree on a monthly fee up-front. The fee is determined by your goals and the scope of work.

We’re also among the top 3% of agencies (Google Premier Partners) who have special access to the newest Google Ads BETA features that will give you a competitive edge.

Trusted by fast-growing tech companies around the world

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Total funding: $192.3M
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Total funding: $12.3M
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Total funding: $11.1M
Series B
Total funding: $23.5M
Series A
Total funding: $9.6M
Series A
Total funding: $15.6M
Series A
Total funding: $19.3M
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Series A
Total funding: $10M
Series A
Total funding: $11.9M
Total funding: $3M
Total funding: $2.7M

Our typical onboarding process

  • We will have a video call to get to know you and learn as much about your company and industry as possible, including your challenges, goals, competitive advantages, competitors, target audiences, and the lifetime value of your customers.
  • We will establish if and how we see our co-operation moving forward and give you an overview of the processes and methodologies we use to systematically grow businesses.
  • The main goal of this call is to get to know each other, make sure that we share similar values and can enjoy working together.
  • We will sign an NDA with you if needed and get access to your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.
  • We will analyze historical data and current performance in your accounts to find valuable insights that will guide our initial strategy. 
  • The main goal of conducting this audit is to establish if and how our work can be profitable for you.
  • We will have an in-person meeting or a video call to present all findings and growth opportunities.
  • If we discover substantial growth potential in your accounts, we’ll craft a custom proposal. It will include a detailed action plan, ROI calculations, measurable goals for the first 3 months, and pricing.
  • If we discover that our service is not profitable for you in the long run, we decline the work and don’t take on the project.
  • We will create and prioritize hypotheses and craft an initial Google Ads strategy for the first 3 months based on findings from the audit.
  • After that, we focus on actions that have the potential to bring the biggest positive impact on your ROI.
  • We will execute the strategy step-by-step, analyze data, set up tests, monitor performance, validate our hypotheses and make necessary changes in the campaigns on a weekly basis.
  • We will have weekly calls with you to review performance, discuss new ideas, and present our findings from any tests. If any questions come up, we’re also available via email throughout the week.
  • You will also have access to an easy-to-read dashboard where you can find all your Google Ads KPIs, custom stats and results.
  • Besides the ongoing optimization work, we will have strategic planning sessions at the beginning of each quarter where we take a step back, analyze results, look at the big picture, and upgrade strategy for the next period.
  • In addition to the strategic planning session, our Google Ads team lead will conduct an in-depth audit for your account every quarter to bring fresh ideas to the table and make sure your budget will be invested in a way that delivers maximum value.

Areas of expertise


Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads


YouTube Ads

Discovery Ads

Experience matters. No interns, no juniors, no learning on your dime.

Holini went above and beyond what we were expecting from a Google Ads agency. They were quick and creative with their solutions, and we always felt taken care of as a client. It is clear after working with them on multiple projects that they truly care about the success of our business, not just ticking boxes.

Great customer service aside, vast industry knowledge and the ability to see the bigger picture are what truly sets Holini apart, and why they are masters of their craft.”

Taavid Mikomägi
Digital Marketing Manager at Veriff

This agency’s a keeper. Working with Holini exposed us to a whole new level of digital analytics and PPC advertising. They know their way in all the relevant tools and will teach you along the way.

If you’re looking for a Google Ads agency to trust with your advertising budget and delicate marketing data, get Holini if they’re still available.“

Karola Karlson
Global Head of Marketing at Bolt

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with:

Growth phase or mature companies who are looking for fresh ideas and continuous support to profitably expand their existing Google Ads campaigns

✓ Companies who invest at least $20,000 per month in Google Ads or have the potential to get there soon

Companies who advertise mainly in English speaking countries

✓ Companies who share similar values and beliefs with us

We prefer not to work with:

  • Early-stage companies who are still validating their business idea.
  • Organizations who are running political ads, promoting gambling, drugs, weapons, or alcohol.
  • Companies who don’t have any previous Google Ads experience.
  • Companies who are looking for the lowest price.

We serve clients all around the world. Currently, most of our clients are from Europe and North-America.

Yes, all ads are crafted and reviewed by professional native-speaking copywriters. We have local partners in each targeted country.

No, we don’t need a long-term contract. We’ll start with a three-month contract and then continue with a month-to-month agreement.

Yes, you will have access to all the data and value that we create.

Yes, Holini is a Google Premier Partner agency. We have early access to Google Ads beta features, regular calls & meetings with Google Ads account strategists, support & product teams.

Your first point of contact will be one of our senior growth consultants – they will manage your account, lead the project, and work with you on a daily basis.

In addition, our Google Ads team lead, analytics developer and designer will be frequently involved to maximize the value you receive from us.

We will set up an easy-to-read dashboard where you can find all your KPIs, custom stats and results. If you need something extra, we’ll find a reporting format that fits your needs.

We will also have weekly calls with you to review performance, discuss new ideas, and present our findings. If any questions come up, we’re also available via email throughout the week.

We will have weekly calls with you and if any questions come up between calls, we’ll also be available via email throughout the week.

It’s up to you. If we have any questions related to your business, your budget or we would like to discuss some important strategic changes, we expect you to be involved.

We set quarterly goals and report our progress on a weekly basis. Most of our clients will see results after the first month but it can take up to three months. It depends on the complexity of the strategy.

Our agency fee depends on your goals and the scope of work. Let’s talk about what you’re trying to accomplish first and then we’ll work out a fee based on that.

No, you won’t be charged for every move, we’ll agree on a monthly fee up-front.

We agree that speed is important but we can’t start without actually knowing your business, your current situation, and your goals.

Let’s get to know each other first. If we’re a mutually good fit, we’d like to start working with you as soon as possible. The actual timeline and next steps will depend on our initial strategy and all this will be communicated to you so you’d know exactly what to expect.

Send us a direct message ( or get in touch via contact form and one of our senior Google Ads strategists will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Discover your Google Ads growth opportunities.

Talk to one of our senior strategists

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