GTM Server-Side Tagging: Improve Your Data Quality, Site Performance, and Privacy

Work closely with senior analytics developers experienced in setting up and managing server-side tagging solutions.

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Challenges you might be facing

Most companies who get in touch with us share these challenges:

  • Data Quality Issues: KPI tracking becomes more challenging due to ad blockers, Intelligent Tracking Prevention on iOS devices, browser privacy updates, spammers, and changes in regulations such as GDPR.
  • Privacy Compliance: Navigating the complex landscape of privacy regulations and compliance is challenging, which can potentially risk leaks of PII and personal data to third-party tools.
  • Data Fragmentation: Allocating a significant amount of developer’s time to support and maintain various marketing APIs and third-party tools, such as Zapier, to ensure a steady and uninterrupted data flow.
  • Slow Page Load Speed: Every tracking pixel on the website contributes to slower site performance, resulting in poorer user experiences.

GTM Server-Side Tagging can be your solution to these challenges. Let’s explore how it can solve them.

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You’ll be working with a team of experienced analytics developers.

Why Do You Need GTM Server-Side Tagging?


Improve Your Data Quality

By converting 3rd party requests into 1st party ones, extending cookie expiration times, and employing advanced filtering techniques, you can reduce the effects of ad blockers, browser restrictions, and even spammers. On average, our clients experience a 5-10% revenue boost with server-side tagging.


Get Better Control Over Data & Compliance

Take charge of your data, deciding exactly what to share with 3rd-party tools. Enhanced data controls help reduce compliance risks in the face of evolving privacy regulations, safeguarding your PII and personal data from potential exposure to third-party tools (if needed).


Accelerate Page Load Speed

Server-side tagging reduces browser code execution and minimizes HTTP requests, optimizing website performance. Additionally, using the server as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for marketing and analytics scripts further speeds up page loading.


Simplify API Management

Optimize offline conversion tracking by consolidating multiple API integrations into a single one that covers CRM to GA4, Google, Bing, and Meta Ads. This efficiency reduces the developer’s time to maintain various marketing APIs, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted data flows.

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Server-side tagging is a powerful solution that improves your data accuracy.

Our typical onboarding process

We’ll begin by scheduling a consultation to understand your business, goals, and specific needs.

Based on our discussion, we’ll develop a customized server-side tracking strategy that aligns with your goals.

We’ll provide you with a detailed implementation plan that outlines the steps, timeline, and resources required for the project.

Our team of experts will proceed with the technical implementation of server-side tracking, ensuring all relevant data points are captured accurately and preparing tech tasks for implementation.

We’ll integrate the server-side tracking solution with your existing marketing and analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta, etc.

We’ll ensure that the server-side tracking setup complies with data privacy regulations, protecting the privacy and security of user data.

We’ll thoroughly test and ensure the server-side tagging system works correctly as expected.

We’ll provide you with detailed, user-friendly step-by-step guides for all the setups we implement. In addition to written guides, we’ll also record videos of the setups. With this approach, you’ll have both written and visual documentation that’s crystal clear and easy to follow.

Experience matters. No interns, no juniors, no learning on your dime.

Elena Benito Ruiz - Beebole

“Working with Holini has been one of my greatest experiences about data-driven analytics. I have worked with several agencies and analytics professionals in the past and I have never seen such a level of implication, accuracy and relevant advice. I have liked especially their hands-on approach, it’s not that you get an amazing audit full of specific steps but also someone who will implement them with the precision of a surgeon. They also created ad-hoc reports on GA for a better understanding of all the event tracking they have deployed.

I would like to recommend them, whenever you need analysts with in-depth technical knowledge of GA and GTM implementation or a Google ads agency that delivers.”

Elena Benito Ruiz
Chief Marketing Officer at BeeBole
Sam Lepak

“After seeking advice from countless marketing and analytics agencies and freelancers, I thought my tracking problem was unsolvable. That was until I found Holini.

The Holini team was able to understand the problem instantly and shared detailed solutions that even a non-developer could easily understand (I’m a marketer). Their help has been insurmountable to our company’s growth, in which we have a plan in place to accurately track users and make data-driven data solutions.

Being a former Director of Paid Media at a large growth agency (100+ org), we couldn’t even solve this problem. That said, the team at Holini knows their stuff, and I highly recommend anyone looking for agency services.”

Sam Lepak
Head of Growth at Matter

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the flexibility to host a Google Tag Manager (GTM) server-side container on different cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure, or even on your own servers. We’ll consult with you to determine the most suitable solution based on your existing technology stack. Additionally, we’ll offer step-by-step guidance to assist your developers in setting up the hosting for GTM server-side tagging. You’ll be the owner of your server-side GTM server, not us.

No, they complement each other. While client-side GTM is needed to send data to the GTM server-side container for specific events, server-side tagging enhances site performance by reducing redundant data requests and processing on the visitor’s device.

The setup time can vary depending on your specific requirements and the availability of your devs, but we aim for a smooth process. Typically, it takes from 1 week to a month to get everything up and running.

Your first point of contact will be one of our analytics developers – they will be working on your accounts (creating a strategy, leading the implementation, and configuring), leading the project, and communicating with you on a daily basis.

In addition, our analytics developer team lead will be involved in the process as the strategist to ensure our agreements are met.

Our fee depends on your goals and the scope of work. Let’s talk about what you’re trying to accomplish first and then we’ll work out a fee based on that.

For an extra fee, you can access our dedicated support team, ready to address any questions or issues that may arise after the GTM server-side tagging project. The additional support package includes a dedicated analytics developer, technical support, training, ad-hoc requests and monitoring on a weekly basis.

Send us a direct message ( or get in touch with us via contact form and our analytics developers Team Lead will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Book a call with the Analytics Developer Team Lead

Talk to one of our senior strategists

Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you shortly.