The Principles of Holini

Below, you’ll find a series of beliefs we hold to be true as guidance for developing and running Holini.


Google Ads and analytics are our core focus

At Holini, we choose to do selected services and do them well. We don’t manage social media campaigns, build backlinks for SEO, or buy TV ad space.

Why? Because our experience shows that full-service agencies and consultants who claim they can do everything often excel at nothing.


Only senior specialists

Deep expertise matters. At Holini, we only hire experienced specialists with a proven track record of success working on large Google Ads accounts. That allows us to keep our performance stellar across the board.

Our philosophy gets results. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.

“In just four short weeks, they exceeded our initial goal by 400%” – Matthew Kinneman (Owner & President, Bully Max)

“I have never seen such a level of implication, accuracy, and relevant advice.” – Elena Benito Ruiz (Chief Marketing Officer, BeeBole)

“Holini is the rare outsourced partner you can 100% rely on.” – Oliver Vesi (Head of Marketing, Katana MRP)

We’ve also received detailed reviews from almost all of our customers, and our average rating is 4.9 out of 5.


Never run out of ideas for growth

Our clients expect continuous growth, not one-off hacks from us.

This means we need to know our clients’ businesses inside-out and continuously come up with new hypotheses and strategies to increase their results.

At Holini, besides the ongoing optimization work, we schedule regular “thinking time” and dedicated strategy meetings for each individual client. During this time, we take a step back, analyze results, look at the big picture, and upgrade our strategy for the next period. It helps us keep our focus on high-impact work and deliver results faster.


Learning should never stop

It has become one of our core values. We never stop learning. It’s even written in our job descriptions and booked in our team calendar.

We have a weekly team meeting dedicated to sharing new skills and learnings, improving our knowledge, and discussing new ideas. This kind of sharing across team members is truly invaluable for also maximizing our clients’ results.


Making a significant impact

Before we start working with a new client, we audit their accounts and analyze their existing data to determine if and how we can improve their long-term business results.

If we realize that our service is not the best fit for them, we’re honest about it. We aren’t interested in short-term cooperations and quick profits. We’re genuinely interested in making a significant, measurable, and continuous impact.


Being realistic, not overly optimistic

Everyone likes to talk about “2x’ing or 10x’ing results”. We believe there’s room for an honest one to say: “We can probably help you pick up an additional 20-30%. And then let’s see from there.”

We’re not the type to make lofty promises we can’t keep. We believe in making realistic assessments and setting appropriate expectations. It maintains our credibility and builds trust.


Direct and efficient communication makes a difference

We’re a small and efficient group of specialists. We don’t have a cluttered layer of middle managers or low-level customer service reps who might hinder quick communication or taking action.

Our senior specialists also have excellent project management and client communication skills. They manage our accounts and communicate directly with our customers. In short, you can trust them to be responsive and cooperative at all times.


No long-term contracts

We don’t believe in locking in our clients with long-term contracts. We want our clients to stick around because they want to, not because they’re being forced to. Long-term contracts create pressure and risk in a relationship that we find silly and unnecessary.

Our goal is to earn clients’ trust by promising an outstanding service and retain them by delivering just that. This has worked out great for us — people love the results we generate, they stick around, and they recommend us to their friends.


Small and medium businesses, not enterprises

At Holini, we work with small and medium-size businesses that invest between $20,000-$200,000 per month in Google Ads.

We don’t want to force our service into the multilayered corporate structure that big companies expect at the expense of the small companies we love so much.


Your accounts, your data

Our clients are always the owners of their accounts and their data, not us. And they have full access at all times. We don’t use shady lock-in tactics when it comes to account ownership.

The key to successful cooperation is transparency.


Making data reliable and meaningful

90% of Google Ads tracking configurations we’ve seen have been broken in one way or another. In many cases, essential data like revenue, leads, or offline sales (via Google Ads API) have been missing or attributed incorrectly. It’s alarming.

Fixing those issues helps us get our clients back on track. So before we start working on any Google Ads account, our team of specialized developers makes all necessary changes to help ensure data relevancy, integrity, and accuracy.


Taking responsibility, not making excuses

If we make a mistake, we’ll admit it and openly provide details about what happened and what we’re doing to prevent it from happening again.

We take responsibility for our actions. We hold ourselves accountable.


Proud of being a small business

We’re small, and we like it that way. And we have grown our team slowly on purpose. As a small business, we’re able to be more selective in our hiring process, choose our clients carefully, and avoid the frustrations of excessive bureaucracy.

Most importantly, though, we can deliver a deeply personalized experience to our clients. We see each person we work with as a name and face, rather than an account number. We never want to lose that by growing too large.


Not burning out people

Machines can work 24/7, humans can’t. We don’t tolerate 80-hour workweeks, hustle-oriented culture, and workaholism. It’s not sustainable. It’s unhealthy.

We’ve built Holini by following the principle that everyone should be able to make a top-tier income working 35 hours a week.

This helps keep our people sharp, more motivated, and avoid costly mistakes which all lead to better long-term performance for our clients.


A happy team leads to happy clients

Before onboarding a new client, we ask our team members’ who would be interested and willing to take on this new project.

If none of us have room in our portfolio, we respectfully postpone or decline the work.

This is one of several measures we use to avoid overbooking ourselves. We believe that happy people make happy clients. Simple as that.

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