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Experience matters. No interns, no juniors, no learning on your dime.

The Holini Story

The average annual employee turnover rate in PPC agencies is 30 percent, meaning a substantial portion of employees are unhappy — they’re craving professional development, are underpaid, over-booked, and forced to work on accounts they aren’t passionate about.

Unhappy employees rarely stay in their jobs for long so agencies fill vacancies with interns and junior specialists. Naturally, the expertise is not comparable and a decline in quality soon follows.

When founding Holini, our goal was to break the agency status quo – make the team members’ happiness our no. 1 priority.

This means constant learning, fair pay, only working with carefully chosen clients, and ensuring no-one is over-booked. And yes, this means sacrificing short-term gains but we’re playing the long game.

Happy people make happy clients. Scroll down to meet the Holini team.

Meet Holini PPC account managers
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Happy people make happy clients

Andres Ruul

Growth Strategist
Google Ads

Andres is the strategist and our in-housebrain surgeon” for the all-mighty brain of Google. His main role is to support our Google Ads team and regularly oversee clients’ accounts to make sure all budgets are invested in a way that brings maximum value.

He’s an engineer at heart (and according to the writing on his university MSc diploma), an innovator and a problem-solver who is best at diving deep and understanding complex processes.

When he’s not working, Andres can be found on the sports field, enjoying a good book, travelling or spending time with his friends and family.

Liis Laisaar

Business Development
Google Ads

Liis is our senior Google Ads consultant with a diverse portfolio ranging from eCommerce and financial services to SaaS and B2B businesses. She is also taking care of the growth of Holini.

She helps the digital marketing community up their game by speaking at events and giving lectures at universities. Occasionally she lets her creative juices flow and creates content around all things Google Ads.

When she wants to give her brain a rest she can most likely be found playing with her dogs, dancing, running, hiking, snowboarding or whipping up an amazing kinoa salad.

Michal Holub

Michal Holub

Senior Growth Consultant
Google Ads

Michal is our Senior Google Ads consultant with over five years of experience. He has worked with various businesses, including B2B, SaaS, and eCommerce companies. He has been involved in digital marketing agencies and has experience as a freelancer.

He has a great passion for advertising and marketing. He’s always keen to learn new things and develop his skills. Outside-the-box thinking and always looking for alternative solutions bring joy to his work.

When Michal is offline, you can find him playing the guitar and chilling with his two cats.

Artur Marharian

Artur Marharian

Analytics Developer, Team Lead
Analytics / GTM

Artur has extensive experience in Google Analytics and GTM. He started his path as a Google Ads support agent and continued as a freelancer, where he worked a lot with eCommerce and SaaS businesses.

Besides creating tracking and data infrastructure, he loves analyzing the data, building visualizations that tell a story and learning new skills.

When he is AFK, he likes snowboarding, football, gym, hiking, and camping with his family and friends.

Taavi Kalvi

Analytics Developer
Analytics / GTM

Taavi is a data geek. Over the years, he has spoken at various conferences, published a number of articles, and answered hundreds of questions related to Google Analytics & GTM in official product forums and support communities.

Taavi loves to dig deep into topics related to web development, data collection and analysis to provide invaluable support to his colleagues, clients and blog readers within the world of digital analytics.

When he’s not digging deep into data, he can most likely be found eating a delicious Caesar salad, pumping iron at the gym or bungee jumping somewhere.

Mikołaj Sokolowski

Senior Growth Consultant
Google Ads

Mikołaj is our senior Google Ads consultant with over 5+ years of experience working in various digital marketing agencies.

His primary focus has been on scaling different B2C and B2B platforms using Google Ads and CRO. He also has a master’s degree in e-business from the Warsaw School of Economics.

When he’s not working, he can most likely be found playing football or doing extreme sports (windsurfing, BMX street riding). Mikołaj is also an avid dog lover and a vinyl record fan.

Everin Kanger

Everin Kanger

Business Operations Manager
Business Development

Everin is our solution-oriented multitasker, whose primary mission is to improve the operational systems, processes, and policies supporting our vision and mission.

With her upbeat and forward-thinking attitude, strong work ethic, and desire to learn, grow and succeed, she excels in building relationships between our clients and teams and does it with great passion. 

When in airplane mode, she can be found in South Estonia, enjoying the countryside or behind a piano creating music

Karolina Królicka

Senior Growth Consultant, Team Lead
Google Ads

Karolina is our senior Google Ads growth consultant with a strong background in digital marketing. She brings to the team over 5 years of PPC experience from a client’s side. Before joining Holini, she worked for international B2B, SaaS, FinTech and marketplace companies.

She enjoys being exposed to a variety of problems at the same time as it helps her stay creative and continuously look for better solutions.

During her spare time, she enjoys a hike in nature, a good book or some 1-on-1 time with PlayStation.

Marko Ristic

Senior Growth Consultant
Google Ads

Meet Marko, our Senior Google Ads Consultant with vast experience in digital marketing spanning over 5 years.

He has a keen eye for optimizing campaigns and a passion for staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Beyond the digital realm, Marko finds joy in exploring the world. After work, he can be found soaking up the city’s energy with his friends.

Pawel Olejarczyk

Analytics Developer
Analytics / GTM

Our Analytics Developer, Paweł, has diverse experience working with marketing agencies and businesses. Initially, he began his career as a performance marketing specialist, but he discovered that technical marketing is his forte.

Paweł has a passion for thoroughly understanding clients’ businesses and assisting them in growing by implementing tracking, analyzing data, and developing visualizations.

In his free time, Paweł enjoys relaxing in nature, cycling, watching movies, and playing tennis, in which he is also an instructor.

Mathias Randrüüt

Growth Consultant
Google Ads

Mathias, our Growth Manager, brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the table. His wanderlust has led him to explore over 60 countries and his passion for travel has given him a worldly perspective that sets him apart from other digital marketers.

Mathias is not just a digital marketer, he is an entrepreneurial spirit who has founded e-commerce ventures and mentored companies with data-driven marketing knowledge. His enthusiasm for seeing projects succeed and create real change in the world is truly inspiring.

Beyond the digital realm, Mathias loves riding the waves, playing tennis, and capturing the beauty of the world and people through his camera lens.


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Senior Growth Consultant
Google Ads / Analytics / GTM

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Our Core Values

With our people, our clients and our partners at our core, we live these values.


Believe in people

We’re creating a people-first culture, where everyone’s opinions matter and things get done together.


Enjoy what you do

We love what we’re doing and we celebrate little victories and milestones in our business and personal life.


Encourage continuous growth

We continuously improve and share our knowledge, challenge ourselves and support each other.


Develop long-term relationships

We treat our clients and partners with the intent of having long-term relationships.


Act with integrity

We make our decisions with integrity and we’re honest and open about everything we do.


Provide value

We focus on high impact work while keeping our promises and holding ourselves accountable for results.

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