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This agency’s a keeper. Working with Holini exposed us to a whole new level of digital analytics and PPC advertising. They know their way in all the relevant tools and will teach you along the way.

If you’re looking for a Google Ads agency to trust with your advertising budget and delicate marketing data, get Holini if they’re still available.“

Karola Karlson

Global Head of Marketing at Bolt

We struggled with finding an agency to manage our Google Ads accounts for years prior to finding Holini. After the world’s top conversion rate experts recommended them, we decided to give them a try. At an early stage, we set a goal (to reduce our cost per conversion).

In just four short weeks, they exceeded our initial goal by 400%. The result was a 500% monthly ROI. The best part — Holini still making weekly progress. If you’re not hiring Holini to manage your Google Ads account, you’re leaving money on the table.”

matthew kinneman - bully max

Matthew Kinneman

Owner and President at Bully Max

“Holini is the rare outsourced partner you can 100% rely on. Besides very good knowledge in Google tools and disciplined project management, they are the ones who really want your business to do well.

I would recommend Holini not only as a Google Ads agency, but as a digital success partner. Working with Holini is like having a best friend everybody needs to succeed in the world of business.”

Oliver Vesi - KatanaMRP

Oliver Vesi

Head of Marketing at Katana MRP

“Working together with Holini has been enjoyable already since our very first meetings on every step of the way. Shared values with the partner and their hunger for the client’s success, how they set challenging goals and test new strategies & solutions has been the cornerstone for achieving excellent Google Ads results.

Our approach is not to be the biggest airline company, but we aspire to be the smartest one. Holini helps us to get there.”

Martin Lember - Nordica

Martin Lember

Head of E-Commerce at Nordica

“Holini has become an inseparable part of our company. Their enthusiasm and knowledge across the field is outstanding and has helped us reach a whole new level of digital marketing.

I’m always excited to hear their ideas for growth and I really appreciate the effort they put in teaching and educating us on new trends. Definitely a keeper!”

Helena Feofanov - Denimdream

Helena Feofanov

Head of Digital at Denim Dream

“As a fast-growing company, we need world-class support on the marketing optimization side and Holini has surpassed our expectations in every way.

No marketing manager or outsourced specialist has previously yielded the results for us that Holini is showing.

Ott Ojamets

Partner and CEO at Speakly

“Holini has great competence in digital marketing optimization – they know how to attract the right type of traffic to your site and drive growth. They are also willing to go deep into Google Analytics to make sure the configuration is correct and data can be trusted.

Google Analytics has tons of data and a consultation with Holini helped us to make sure that we don’t make decisions on inaccurate and irrelevant numbers.“

Hanno Ladvas - Tele2

Hanno Ladvas

Digital Channels Product Manager at Tele2

“Holini’s specialists are Google Ads wizards. These guys have the natural ability to get businesses successfully running. They understand growth, where it comes from, and how it is scaled.

If you want to understand what your customers do online, and how to make their lives better – Holini is going to exceed your expectations.”

Maris Laatre

Maris Laatre

Head of Performance Marketing at Bolt

Holini went above and beyond what we were expecting from a Google Ads agency. They were quick and creative with their solutions, and we always felt taken care of as a client. It is clear after working with them on multiple projects that they truly care about the success of our business, not just ticking boxes.

Great customer service aside, vast industry knowledge and the ability to see the bigger picture are what truly sets Holini apart, and why they are masters of their craft.”

Taavid Mikomägi

Digital Marketing Manager at Veriff

“Working with Holini has been one of my greatest experiences about data-driven analytics. I have worked with several agencies and analytics professionals in the past and I have never seen such a level of implication, accuracy and relevant advice. I have liked especially their hands-on approach, it’s not that you get an amazing audit full of specific steps but also someone who will implement them with the precision of a surgeon. They also created ad-hoc reports on GA for a better understanding of all the event tracking they have deployed.

I would like to recommend them, whenever you need analysts with in-depth technical knowledge of GA and GTM implementation or a Google ads agency that delivers.”

Elena Benito Ruiz - Beebole

Elena Benito Ruiz

Chief Marketing Officer at BeeBole

“Despite the relatively short time period that we’ve been working together with Holini, we’ve managed to take very long and fast steps forward in this marketing area.

They are real professionals in their field, and also help us to understand the nature and activities of running successful Google Ads campaigns.“

Triin Piibor - PZU

Triin Piibor

Marketing Manager at PZU Insurance

“Advertising with Google Ads is one of our most important marketing activities. Working together with such a motivated agency like Holini allows us to focus on our other important business tasks and we let them proactively grow our business with Google Ads.

Their knowledge about Google Ads and analytics is extraordinary.

Sanders Skorik - Mobipunkt

Sanders Skorik

CEO at Mobipunkt

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