HealthMatch Increases Google Ads Conversion Volume By 119% While Decreasing The Avg. CPA By 50%

Find out how we validated Google Ads as a source of new patients and helped to scale the platform internationally.

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HealthMatch is a digital health company that allows patients worldwide to sign up for clinical trials online, completely free of charge. 

HealthMatch main goal is to accelerate worldwide patient recruitment and progress in life-saving cure developments. Patients are matched to selected studies based on their medical profiles and details added on the sign-up form. By bridging the gap between trials and patients, HealthMatch is one of a kind online platform for everyone trying to expand the efforts in finding new treatments.

Growth in Google Ads conversion volume
Decrease in avg. cost per acquisition (CPA)

Our Approach

  1. Our cooperation with HealthMatch started with a video call to learn as much as possible about their business, market and agree on goals, target audience, competitors.
  2. Before the ads launched, we prepared an in-depth potential analysis of the Australian market, looking at the search volumes, trends, estimated results, and keywords we might be targeting.
  3. After agreeing on the selected campaign structure, ads, and bidding strategy, we started testing the campaigns already using smart bidding based on platform goals and conversions within the Google Ads interface.
  4. As campaigns started gathering data, we expanded our efforts with new keywords, campaign structures, and ad tests, following the best practices that will allow us to grow results while decreasing the costs per conversion.
  5. With a primary focus on CPA and scale, coming into our 2nd month of cooperation, we’ve launched new campaign experiments on broad match keywords, dedicated landing pages and new ad variables. This allowed us to validate initial strategies without harming current performance levels.
  6. As the business expanded to the US, so did the marketing strategy. We again went through market insights, prepared campaigns and ads to launch based on the available forecasts and initial results from Australia, adjusted CPA goals and budgets with overall business goals and performance from Facebook Ads.
  7. Knowing that clients value the Oncology-related sign-ups more, we split the campaigns towards specific CPA goals, allowing Smart Bidding to focus more on particular keywords and users and uncapping the search potentials with higher bids.
  8. After 14 days of testing it as an experiment, we introduced broad match keywords to expand our growth and seek new, valuable searches that had just emerged on the markets.

Performance Results

MoM general comparison:

  • 82% increase in total conversions
  • 50% decrease in avg. CPA
  • 4.5% increase in avg. CTR

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