BeeBole Decreases Cost Per Lead 84% via Google Ads Campaigns

Discover how BeeBole timesheet software used Google Ads campaigns to grow their business.


BeeBole Timesheets

BeeBole Timesheets is one of the most flexible employee time tracking systems on the market. Their customers range from small businesses to departments of hundreds of employees and big companies like Tesla, Zurich or Michelin.

They had been running Google Ads campaigns for years, but were missing a comprehensive strategy for Google Ads. Together with the client, we started to look for new ideas & solutions to their challenges.

The goal was to improve the business results – the main objective was increasing the number of high-quality leads while decreasing BeeBole’s cost per lead.

Increase in leads
Decrease in cost per lead (CPA)

Our Approach

  1. We kicked things off during a video call between BeeBole and Holini. The objective of this step was to get to know BeeBole’s business – their main markets, audiences, and marketing-related challenges.
  2. Our team conducted an in-depth Google Ads audit – we analyzed BeeBole’s historical Google Ads results and data. Thanks to the audit, we learned new insights and identified challenges that needed to be addressed during our co-operation.
  3. We understood that we are able to provide extra value and deliver results for BeeBole. After that, we prioritized growth opportunities, planned our next steps and mapped out an initial quarterly strategy for the client.
  4. We presented the audit findings to the client and crafted a custom proposal that included the game-plan, objectives, and next steps for the first 3 months, including our agency pricing model.
  5. We started working according to the action plan. The first step was to understand if all of BeeBole’s tracking is working correctly. After that, we fixed issues with their Google Analytics tracking and configured Google Tag Manager to stay compliant with new GDPR regulations.
  6. We restructured BeeBole’s Google Ads account and emphasized on the message & intent match between the audiences, keywords, ad texts, and landing pages. We focused on improving the relevancy of high-performance keywords.
  7. After seeing a significant uplift in performance, we set new ambitious goals for the next period and ran tests to deliver even greater results for BeeBole.
  8. We tested a new targeting approach and expanded our campaigns to new markets. The goal was to increase the number of high-quality leads while keeping the CPA level profitable.
  9. We created custom landing pages for Google Ads campaigns using Unbounce. As a result, we saw an additional increase in conversion rates and drops in cost per lead.
  10. We tested out a new strategy, targeting some of BeeBole’s most relevant competitors’ brand names as keywords. In the ads and on custom-made informative landing pages, we presented BeeBole as a great alternative to the other time-tracking systems.
  11. We expanded the reach of our campaigns with display campaigns and targeting new languages such as French & Spanish (in addition to English) in our top-performing markets.
  12. As we were now collecting more rich data, we tested changing the bidding strategies to Smart Bidding solutions. This enabled us to use more signals about our target audiences.
  13. We are continuously working tightly with BeeBole, making improvements to the landing pages, optimizing campaigns and proactively offering insights to BeeBole based on data collected from our campaigns and different strategies.

Performance Results

After testing different campaigns and strategies, we were able to successfully deliver outstanding growth for BeeBole. The results:

  • Cost per lead (CPA) decreased 84%
  • Number of leads via Google Ads increased more than 17 times
  • Client expanded their campaigns and increased their investment 26%

Source: BeeBole Google Ads account, “Conversion action” is a custom column for leads.

Elena Benito Ruiz - Beebole

“Working with Holini has been one of my greatest experiences about data-driven analytics. I have worked with several agencies and analytics professionals in the past and I have never seen such a level of implication, accuracy and relevant advice. I have liked especially their hands-on approach, it’s not that you get an amazing audit full of specific steps but also someone who will implement them with the precision of a surgeon. They also created ad-hoc reports on GA for a better understanding of all the event tracking they have deployed.

I would like to recommend them, whenever you need analysts with in-depth technical knowledge of GA and GTM implementation or a Google ads agency that delivers.”

Elena Benito Ruiz
Chief Marketing Officer at BeeBole

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