Google Analytics & GTM Consulting Services

Work directly with an experienced analytics developer to reveal any data quality issues and identify missed opportunities.


Challenges You Might Be Facing

Most companies who get in touch with us share these challenges:

  • Need some ad-hoc support to answer specific questions and troubleshoot technical issues related to analytics and GTM.
  • Would like to improve and customize their analytics and GTM configuration to gather more actionable and meaningful data (event tracking, enhanced eCommerce tracking, funnel tracking, server-side conversion tracking, etc).
  • Would like to build custom reports, dashboards and segments to make sure they are making decisions based on accurate and relevant numbers.

These are exactly the challenges we solve on a daily basis.

Google Analytics Consulting Services - Holini PPC Agency

You’ll be working with an experienced analytics developer.

What We Do


Analytics Strategy & Audit

We will get to know your business and KPIs to create a custom measurement strategy. We will start with a Google Analytics & GTM audit to ensure the relevancy, integrity, and accuracy of your existing implementation.


Analytics Implementation

Customizing and improving the existing implementation (coding, configuring) based on the previously created custom measurement strategy and fixing all the technical issues found during the audit.


Analytics Optimization

If you change your website or app, you need to make sure your tracking continues to work as expected and you’re collecting accurate and meaningful data. This is where analytics optimization comes in.


In-House Trainings

We provide Google Analytics and GTM training for in-house teams to build their knowledge capacity and teach them the right questions to ask when analyzing data on analytics platforms.

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Unlock the full potential of your digital analytics data.

Our Typical Onboarding Process

  • We will have a video call to get to know you and learn as much about your company and industry as possible, including your goals and challenges regarding Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • We will establish if and how we see our co-operation moving forward and give you an overview of the processes and methodologies we use. 
  • The main goal of this call is to get to know each other, make sure that we share similar values and can enjoy working together.

Experience matters. No interns, no juniors, no learning on your dime.

Hanno Ladvas - Tele2

“Holini has great competence in digital marketing optimization – they know how to attract the right type of traffic to your site and drive growth. They are also willing to go deep into Google Analytics to make sure the configuration is correct and data can be trusted.

Google Analytics has tons of data and a consultation with Holini helped us to make sure that we don’t make decisions on inaccurate and irrelevant numbers.“

Hanno Ladvas

Digital Channels Product Manager at Tele2

Elena Benito Ruiz - Beebole

“Working with Holini has been one of my greatest experiences about data-driven analytics. I have worked with several agencies and analytics professionals in the past and I have never seen such a level of implication, accuracy and relevant advice. I have liked especially their hands-on approach, it’s not that you get an amazing audit full of specific steps but also someone who will implement them with the precision of a surgeon. They also created ad-hoc reports on GA for a better understanding of all the event tracking they have deployed.

I would like to recommend them, whenever you need analysts with in-depth technical knowledge of GA and GTM implementation or a Google ads agency that delivers.”

Elena Benito Ruiz

Chief Marketing Officer at BeeBole

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with:

Growth phase or mature companies who need ad-hoc support to answer their specific questions and troubleshoot technical issues related to analytics and GTM

✓ Companies who would like to improve and customize their existing analytics and GTM configuration to gather more actionable and meaningful data (event tracking, enhanced eCommerce, offline conversion tracking, etc).

✓ Companies who share similar values and beliefs with us

Discuss your needs with one of our analytics developers.