Estateguru Conversion Volume Increased By +115.86%

Learn how we scaled the investment within the set CPA levels for investors & borrowers.

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Estateguru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans.

In 2013 a group of real estate and fintech experts based in Tallinn, Estonia, had a bright idea. What if they could break down the barriers which ensured that investing in secured property loans was a luxury only available to the wealthy and well-connected?

And what if they could help entrepreneurs and visionaries in the property development business who struggle with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions offered by banks and major financial institutions at the same time? Thus Estateguru was born.

Growth in Google Ads conversion volume
Decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Our Approach

  1. Ensured all best-performing campaigns have Search Lost Budget (IS) near 0%. That involved discussions with the client to increase the monthly budget and why it would be beneficial.
  2. Localized campaigns for some markets while simultaneously having a catch-all campaign for all markets, but with English keywords. The hypothesis was that the people who are, e.g., German, might search for investment opportunities in English. This way, we covered both German keywords in localized campaigns & English keywords.
  3. Introduced shared budget and portfolio bid strategy
  4. Switched account structure using the Hagakure method. This means that ideally, ad groups should have at least 3,000 impressions in the last seven days & be set on automated bidding strategies (we used tCPA). This gave us an exciting opportunity to have a more simplified account structure, which can benefit from broad match keywords. Those were very successful, as we captured the traffic we wouldn’t otherwise target.
  5. Used keyword insertion to improve ad relevance.
  6. Focused on creating ad copy that incentivizes people to click. For retail investors, ‘passive income’ worked best.
  7. Created landing pages and campaigns for competitors’ keywords, which surprisingly proved to have lower CPA than generic keywords.

Performance Results

Results January 1st to October 31st compared to the same period in 2020

  • Conversion volume – increased by +115.86%
  • Investments on the platform – increased by +97.06%
  • CPA – decreased by -8.71%
  • Number of investments on the platform – increased by +68.77%
  • Value of investments on the platform – increased by +104.02%
Kristjan Toop

“Holini’s services directly impacted each customer segment. Their team has a very effective workflow. They’re very proactive, and they communicate regularly. Despite high standards, they’ve met all project demands.”

Kristjan Toop
Head of Growth at EstateGuru

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