Google Ads Audit: Eliminate Wasted Spend &
Get New Growth Ideas

Receive a thorough audit evaluating the efficiency of your account, uncovering all cost-saving and additional growth opportunities.

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Challenges you might be facing

Businesses turn to us with the following concerns:

  • They are seeking peace of mind that their advertising budget is being used as efficiently as possible.
  • They want to ensure there’s no overspending in Google Ads.
  • They are unsure if their Google Ads account is maximising its potential.
  • They are worried about undiscovered mistakes that could be hurting performance.
  • Results have plateaued after some initial growth and they are looking for a fresh perspective to generate new growth ideas.
  • They are uncertain about which metrics to focus on in day-to-day optimization.
  • The account has had various people working on it and it lacks a clear overview and consistent strategy for moving forward.

Let our senior specialist pinpoint exactly where improvements can be made.

Why Choose Holini for Your Google Ads Audit?


Extensive B2B Experience

With years of B2B-specific Google Ads experience, we dissect every layer of your Google Ads account. Our audit process has proven to consistently uncover inefficiencies and growth opportunities. But don’t just take our word for it — here’s what some of our clients have to say.


Senior-Level Expertise

Only seasoned Google Ads professionals handle your audit. This guarantees clear findings, practical advice, and the sharing of relevant experiences from our history of working with businesses encountering similar challenges.


Personalized Recommendations

Every business and account is unique. We provide custom recommendations that align with your business goals and objectives. We avoid generic advice that doesn’t actually help you take action.


Detailed Audit Walkthrough + Q&A

Understand every insight as you’ll receive a detailed walkthrough of the audit with clear, concise, and actionable explanations. We’ll also take the time to answer any questions you have, making sure everything is clear to you.

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We’ll help you uncover how to improve the performance of your ads.

Our typical audit process

  • We will have a video call to get to know you and learn as much about your company and industry as possible, including your goals, challenges, what has and hasn’t worked so far, etc.
  • We will review all aspects of your account’s setup and analyse its potential using our proven process.
  • We will deliver a comprehensive overview of all of our findings and recommendations. You will also receive a written version of the audit documenting all of our findings. Throughout the presentation, we encourage you to ask questions, and we’ll be ready to provide answers and clarifications as needed.
  • If needed, our experts can compile a custom training to guide you through the more detailed theoretical background behind each of our audit points and give you access to the processes, templates, and checklists used by our senior Google Ads strategists to ensure efficient and successful on-going management of your account.

Experience matters. No interns, no juniors, no learning on your dime.

“Holini is my go-to Google Ads agency for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, working with Holini doesn’t feel like working with an agency but more like an extension of our team.

I love how they never stick with what works but are always innovating and trying new things. And this has definitely brought us success. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our campaigns.”

Merily Leis
Head of Marketing at Klaus

Holini went above and beyond what we were expecting from a Google Ads agency. They were quick and creative with their solutions, and we always felt taken care of as a client. It is clear after working with them on multiple projects that they truly care about the success of our business, not just ticking boxes.

Great customer service aside, vast industry knowledge and the ability to see the bigger picture are what truly sets Holini apart, and why they are masters of their craft.”

Taavid Mikomägi
Digital Marketing Manager at Veriff

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes us approximately a week to conduct the audit from the moment of receiving account access. The audit presentation call is expected to last three to four hours and it can be separated into two separate calls, if preferred.

Your audit will be handled by one of our senior Google Ads strategists. All of our strategists have extensive hands-on account management experience, which ensures the practical nature of the discussion and actionability of all recommendations given.

We have conducted hundreds of audits, and we haven’t had an audit presentation meeting where the client hasn’t gotten value from it.

Having analysed accounts in various “shapes and sizes” and historical management styles, we believe there is almost always something to improve.

Google Ads is evolving so rapidly that in order to remain competitive and keep up with the platform’s developments, it’s required to constantly restrategise and launch new experiments.

No. For the sake of clarity for your team or current Google Ads account manager, we will not be making any changes or adjustments in the account during the audit. We will discuss all the changes that we would recommend making, but you will be able to decide if, how, and when to implement them. 

However, if you would like help in implementing the changes and on-going account management, we’d happily discuss our Google Ads Management service with you.

This is up to you. We have a separate Google Ads Management service which we’d be happy to discuss with you.

We also have a Custom Google Ads Training service. Our experts can compile a custom training to guide you through the more detailed theoretical background behind each of our audit points and give you access to the processes, templates and checklists used by our senior Google Ads strategists to ensure efficient and successful on-going management of your account.

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