Loverte eCommerce Store Boosts
Google Ads Sales Revenue by 54%

Google Ads account restructuring & ongoing optimization boost revenue while also seeing a 17% increase in ROI.

Loverte logo, case study, Holini PPC agency

Loverte eCommerce Store is the largest online store in the Baltics that sells perfumery, cosmetics, and jewellery. They were one of the first kind in the region to start selling products online at substantially lower prices than retail. That’s the reason why they have quickly become the leading online beauty store in Northern Europe with more than 160,000 satisfied customers.

In 2017, we started our co-operation to help Loverte with their digital marketing & measurement. We digged deep into their Google Analytics data & Google Ads campaigns to pull the maximum results out from the channel.

Growth in revenue from Google Ads
Increase in Return on Investment

Our Approach

  1. Conducted an audit of the client’s previous Google Ads campaigns and a Google Analytics account health check
  2. Established and approved KPIs together with the client to measure success
  3. Set up new Google Ads search & display campaigns using client’s past performance data
  4. Created very keyword-specific ad texts to deliver the message to the right audience
  5. Weekly Google Ads account optimization

Performance Results

The client saw a noticeable improvement already during the first 3 months of Holini taking over the account.

  • 54% growth in Google Ads eCommerce Revenue
  • 17% increase in Return on Investment
  • 12% decrease in Cost per Transaction

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