Google Ads Deep Dive: Budgeting & Bidding Problems in B2B

Watch the workshop on-demand below to learn about the most overlooked cost-efficiency strategies in B2B.

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Holini - Google Premier Partner
Holini - Premier Partner Awards 2023

What to expect from the workshop

We’ll be sharing the most common high-impact finding we’ve seen after auditing hundreds of B2B Google Ads accounts and explaining the theory behind this often missed cost-efficiency improvement strategy.

Expect a no-fluff session packed with insights on how you can potentially save 5% – 30% or even more of your budget while maintaining results without the need for any time-consuming fundamental restructuring or extensive changes in the account.

Watch the workshop here to gain the confidence and tools to ensure your advertising efforts are moving in the right direction.

Google Ads Deep Dive: Budgeting & Bidding Problems in B2B
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Speaker & instructor: Liis Laisaar from Holini

Evaluate the cost-efficiency potential of your Google Ads account and tap into additional savings.

What you’ll learn – key takeaways & workshop highlights


How to take a critical look at your current Google Ads cost-efficiency potential.


The problem we’ve seen in almost all B2B Google Ads audits we’ve done in the past year.


How to interpret account data to identify key factors for optimal ROI.


Ideas for key questions and conversations with your team.

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Expect a no-fluff session packed with in-depth insights on Google Ads for B2B.

Speaker & instructor of the workshop

Liis has been a hands-on Google Ads Specialist in Holini for six years.

During this time she has had various roles in the company, handled and audited a wide range of B2B accounts, and shared her experiences speaking at events and universities.

She has held the stage at Google events and training programs, Techstars Startup Week, Estonian Business School, TalTech University, and other local marketing-related events and webinars.


Speaker & instructor: Liis Laisaar from Holini

What B2B marketers are saying about Holini

“Holini is my go-to Google Ads agency for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, working with Holini doesn’t feel like working with an agency but more like an extension of our team.

I love how they never stick with what works but are always innovating and trying new things. And this has definitely brought us success. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our campaigns.”

Merily Leis
Head of Marketing at Klaus

Holini went above and beyond what we were expecting from a Google Ads agency. They were quick and creative with their solutions, and we always felt taken care of as a client. It is clear after working with them on multiple projects that they truly care about the success of our business, not just ticking boxes.

Great customer service aside, vast industry knowledge and the ability to see the bigger picture are what truly sets Holini apart, and why they are masters of their craft.”

Taavid Mikomägi
Digital Marketing Manager at Veriff

It’s a free, on-demand video that is available for a limited time only.