Google Ads Agency For B2B Tech Companies

Agencies and consultants who claim they can do everything often excel at nothing. That’s why we choose to focus on one thing and do it well.


This agency’s a keeper. If you’re looking for a Google Ads agency to trust with your advertising budget and delicate marketing data, get Holini if they’re still available.“

Karola Karlson

Global Head of Marketing at Bolt

“Great customer service, vast industry knowledge, and the ability to see the bigger picture truly sets Holini apart. They are masters of their craft.”

Taavid Mikomägi

Digital Marketing Manager at Veriff

Oliver Vesi - KatanaMRP

”I would recommend Holini not only as a Google Ads agency, but as a digital success partner. Working with Holini is like having a best friend everybody needs to succeed in the world of business.”

Oliver Vesi

Head of Marketing at Katana MRP

“Holini is my go-to Google Ads agency for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, working with Holini doesn’t feel like working with an agency but more like an extension of our team.”

Merily Leis

Head of Marketing at Klaus

Elena Benito Ruiz - Beebole

“Working with Holini has been one of my greatest experiences about data-driven analytics. I have worked with several agencies and analytics professionals in the past and I have never seen such a level of implication, accuracy and relevant advice.”

Elena Benito Ruiz

Chief Marketing Officer at BeeBole

“They have a very good understanding of what Google Ads has to offer. They know all the latest news so that I can concentrate on other areas of paid acquisition.”

Veiko Paalandi

Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Xolo

We choose to focus on one thing and do it well. Deep expertise matters.

We’re not a best fit for everyone

We work with:

  • Growth phase or mature companies looking for fresh ideas and continuous support to profitably expand their existing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Companies who invest at least $20,000 per month in Google Ads or have the potential to get there soon.
  • Companies who advertise mainly in English.
  • Companies who share similar values and beliefs with us.

We don’t work with:

  • Early-stage companies who are still validating their business idea.
  • Organizations who are running political ads, promoting gambling, drugs, weapons, or alcohol.
  • Companies who don’t have any previous Google Ads experience.
  • Companies who are only looking for the lowest price.

Trusted by fast-growing tech companies around the world

Series A
Total funding: $12.3M
Series B
Total funding: $92.3M
Series A
Total funding: $11.1M
Series B
Total funding: $23.5M
Series A
Total funding: $9.6M
Total funding: $3.5M
Series A
Total funding: $7.3M
Series A
Total funding: $10M

No interns, no juniors, no learning on your dime.

Why Holini?


Senior Specialists Only

No interns, no juniors. You’ll work with a team of senior-level specialists who are highly specialized in their field.


Proactive Team

We’ll get to know your business inside-out and constantly come up with new hypotheses and strategies to increase your ROI.


Global Experience

You’ll work with senior specialists who manage Google Ads accounts globally with monthly budgets from $20,000 to $200,000.


Tech-Savvy Team

All your tracking issues will be monitored and fixed by our dedicated developer. We’ll also write custom scripts for your Google Ads and GTM accounts.


Selected Clients Only

We aren’t running a factory. To provide maximum value for you, we only work with carefully selected businesses.


Fair Pricing

You won’t be charged for every move, we’ll agree on a monthly fee up-front. The fee is determined by your goals and the scope of work.

“In just four short weeks, they exceeded our initial goal by 400%. The result was a 500% monthly ROI. The best part — Holini still making weekly progress. If you’re not hiring Holini to manage your Google Ads account, you’re leaving money on the table.”

matthew kinneman - bully max

Matthew Kinneman

Owner and President at Bully Max

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